When financing is the definitive selling tool

Increase sales with extended payment terms

How many new clients and large orders would you get if you could offer 6-month payment terms?

FlexCommerce for sellers provides multiple financial benefits to be added to your sales solutions. This unique financial selling tool enables you to offer your clients extended payment terms of up to 6 months while receiving payments in 3 days

  • Gain new clients with a differentiating offer
  • Obtain larger orders in exchange for extended payment terms
  • Reduce manufacturing and distribution costs due to larger orders
  • Receive payments for your invoices in 3 days
  • Improve Sales of products, services and staffing
  • Create strong differentiator with this new offering
  • Costs are in line with present financing rates
  • Control cost with free automated software platform

How it Works

TransacXion is changing the way global commerce is conducted and accelerating business performance with differentiated financial offers