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Our Mission

Our mission is to remove friction in all commercial transactions. The concept and the platform was created and developed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and executives who, over the last 30 years, have gathered experience in various fields such as technology, trade finance, insurance, manufacturing and consulting where they have been recognized as high achievers and passionate visionaries. Efficiency and productivity are standard operating procedures for the executive team.

TransacXion's philosophy consists of four simple principles:

  • Have Fun
  • Make a Difference
  • Make Money
  • Do it in That Order!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: - The procedure involves our financial partners underwriting your request. Once approved, you will be ready to offer extended terms to all your customers. The approval process includes a financial term sheet highlighting the cost and fees involved in these transactions.

A: - At the present time, our service is limited to businesses with at least $10 million in revenue and located in the USA or Canada. We do plan to reduce this minimum revenue threshold in the future, so if you currently do not meet the requirements, please click here to enter your contact information for our mailing list, and we will contact you as changes are implemented to the revenue threshold.

A: - Because of insurance risks concentration requirements, we can only serve Buyers with a minimum of $100MM in revenues. If you do not meet the requirements to use FlexCommerce for Buyers, your suppliers may be eligible to join FlexCommerce for Sellers to be able to offer you extended payment terms. For more information, feel free to contact us.

A: - Please contact our sales department to schedule a meeting to review suitability, cost and other details of the program.

A: - Yes you can. If your bank is not currently one of our financial partners, we will be happy to make an introduction and discuss our product offerings. It takes 4 to 8 weeks to onboard a new bank with our program. You can also use our existing banking partners for trade finance and keep your current bank for your other credit facilities.

A: - Yes you can. You can offer extended payment terms on open accounts to customers in many countries. For more details, contact us

A: - The total cost includes interest expenses, insurance and validation fees. Depending on your company credit rating, the total cost will be in line with similar credit offering. Additionally, there will be a $50 fee for all domestic credit enquiries and $125 for all foreign credit enquiries. Depending on your selection of financial partners, there might be an account opening fee.

Our Locations


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